Art Doesn’t Help People

“Art doesn’t help people. People help people.” So says the caption of one of the street art images painted by Herakut,  the German street art duo Jasmin (Hera) and Falk (Akut). See it at Here is the Herakut art I photographed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire a few weeks ago.

On the wall (in quotes) is an excerpt from The Connoisseurs a children’s poem by Isle of Shoals poet Celia Laighton Thaxter (1835-1894) born in Portsmouth:

Oh look at the horses and people!

How they hurry and trample and fight!


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3 thoughts on “Art Doesn’t Help People

  1. I agree with the premise because of the “people help people” part. At the same time, I believe making art definitely helps people: the creator and the viewer. Looking at art can be uplifting, and feeling that art is something you have access to is very important. Lastly, I do think art can keep one company, and go a long way in keeping one from loneliness.

  2. As an artist myself, creating art is a gift to the artist because of the feeling of joy and accomplishment each piece brings. The time spent in the process of designing, the actual work of the project and the finishing brings a satisfaction unlike other life experiences. The icing on the cake is the happiness it brings to those that enjoy it.

  3. I am an artist, too, as are Jasmin and Falk. What I take from their statement “Art doesn’t help people” is that it doesn’t provide people with the basic human needs at the bottom of the pyramid, our physiological need for air, water, food, shelter, sleep, safety, etc. Art certainly feeds our spirits.

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