The architecture of steel and palm fronds

I’m a graphic artist at heart. It first came to light in a figure drawing class at UNC Chapel Hill. It was a night class and I was 18 years old. I thought drawing nudes in charcoal was for lightweights. Or for wealthy old ladies dabbling away their spare time. My favorite medium at the time was felt-tip pen. The fact that once you put the pen to the paper there was no turning back, via erasing or smudging, well, that got my motor running. I got bored with the skinny model, so I gave her hair under her arms and a bikini so I could get lost in the detail of the fabric on her bottom. The instructor walked by and paused. “You like graphic art, don’t you?” At the time, I had no idea what this meant, so I said yeah. My fine art instructor gave me a C- for execution and attitude.

Because of this graphic artist heart of mine, sometimes I look through the lens of the camera and I shoot for layout. Fine woodworking, fabric design, the architecture and detail of steel and palm fronds. And textures! Graffiti, concrete, food photography, tree bark, mold and soap bubbles! I’ve always got a good catalog of backgrounds for CD covers.


Arizona Biltmore Hotel lobby detail. Phoenix AZ

Hattie Wilcox-Arizona Biltmore lobby detail 4878-2



Double Utility fabric design from photo of abandoned commercial utility boxes. Available from my industrial line of fabrics by Miss_Hattie at

Hattie Wilcox utility box repeat-2


Building detail Penland School of Crafts, Penland NC

Hattie Wilcox-Penland building detail_4126-2


Point Loma palm fronds silhouette. San Diego CA

Hattie Wilcox frond silhouette_1017-2



Daybed leg detail Mill Valley CA

Hattie Wilcox DAYBED LEG_4200-2

From Russia with love: Bullets and stars

Fall 2011  I shot Colt Armory’s blue onion dome from the I-91 freeway passing by Hartford, Connecticut. The dome is the visual centerpiece of the firearm factory complex, part of the Coltsville Historic District.