Shooting Out the Window

I always try to shoot out the window on a plane. Topography! Maps and paths. The mystery of the surface of the earth from afar. The peaks and trails in the snow tug at me and I long to fly like a bird, without the plane, and sail the sky under cotton balls of clouds and midnight-blue shadows. February 1, 2014, 30,000 feet above Colorado.



Playing the Plastic Sax

Karaoke was part of the entertainment at a La Jolla, California bar mitzvah. The kids are taking a shot. The little guy in the middle—in the big hat—had never picked up a sax in his life. I don’t think he knew what one was. Funny that he immediately assumed the veteran-player stance.

Americans: a flag, a porch

a flag
a porch
a house
an American family

a street
a day
a life
an American family

a dream
a gun
a son
an American family

a mind
a fight
a loss
an American family

a heart
a light
a birth
an American family

a peace
a right
a joy
an American family

Hattie Wilcox-porch flags 0113-1

Yoga Cat

When I was growing up, our family had an all-time record of 13 cats at one time. Outdoor cats. Since then, I’ve had a lot of pet cats, and never have I seen a cat slumber and sleep with his foot on his head. I think he’s been looking over my shoulder while I watch my yoga video.

Hattie Wilcox-foot on head nap_9953-1

Hattie Wilcox-foot on head nap_9954-1

Hattie Wilcox-foot on head nap_9955-1

Hattie Wilcox-foot on head nap_9957-1