Bird flying from the old Colt factory

I love the old Colt firearms factory in Hartford, Connecticut. It’s been deserted for decades now, but ever so slowly gentrification is happening nearby. (It’s famous onion dome is featured in an earlier post.) There were birds meandering around the roof ledge on this overcast day and I was thrilled to get this clean shot of one flying away. Old broken windows and brick, rusty metal staircases, roofing and building stones . . . what more could a woman with camera ask for?

Hattie Wilcox-old Colt factory IMG_9804-1

From Russia with love: Bullets and stars

Fall 2011  I shot Colt Armory’s blue onion dome from the I-91 freeway passing by Hartford, Connecticut. The dome is the visual centerpiece of the firearm factory complex, part of the Coltsville Historic District.