Found on the Ground: Baby Bird Fetus

The wind’s been howling outside the past few days. After a big wind last spring, I found a bird egg on the ground. The shell was cracked. I brought it in the house, placed it on a clean paper towel, and gently pried away the shell to show my son what was inside. I wish the little thing could have survived the wind and stayed safe in its nest. Click on photo to enlarge so you can see how surprisingly human it looks.

Zooming in on a battered caboose

The Bangor & Aroostook railroad caboose in Mansfield Depot CT was a dining car and part of the Mansfield Depot Restaurant until a fire destroyed the rest of the establishment in July 2003. This 100-year-old train car, known as the Mansfield Depot Caboose, sat for seven years in its old home next to the tracks and marked the Mansfield crossroads. In September 2010, The Connecticut Trolley Museum bought it for $500 from the Canadian National Railway and spent $7,200 to move it to East Windsor.

The closer I got, the better she looked. So many textures, color, and contrast, and the ever-fascinating peeling paint. Through one window a wine glass sat on the table untouched, while the rest of the windows were successful targets of nighttime teenage entertainment with sailing rock torpedos. I was lucky to photograph the outside of the caboose a few months before she was moved and covered with tarp to wait for restoration funding. The depth and rich beauty of the effects of weather and corrosion will be sanded and polished away.