Table Legs Meet Tree Stump

After a long, cold winter, I am ready plant, move rocks, and make borders. The yard is an endless palette of fluid possibility. I have two tall tree stumps that I wanted to transform into something more interesting. I placed a large black ceramic ball on one and what I did with the other is shown in the photo below. While my terrible table legs (too long of a story of kapa-kai half-inch bolts and worse) sat in a drawer, I was conjuring a new job for them. Since they couldn’t support a piece of furniture like they were designed to, they are now banned from the house and reluctantly have taken up their new purpose in life screwed into a tree stump. Visual support for my imposing pumpkin-orange planter. I’m contemplating what to plant. Any ideas? I’m thinking blue or lavender could top it off nicely, but I’m open.



My monochrome spot. Rich grey leaves in a plain concrete pot.


Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Yep, gliding out from Port Clyde, Maine, on my way to Monhegan Island this view made me hum Mr. Otis Redding’s hit song. It was a mellow, overcast day and my stomach was full of buttery Maine seafood from the Dip Net Restaurant on the water. I boarded the ferry headed for the island of no cars where pets run free.

Port Clyde Maine by Hattie Wilcox-1